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December 18, 2008
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Island Quarters; 10:00 a.m

The Captain was sleeping on the floor when I woke up; I looked around and saw that he gave me his own bed again and Gwen a new dirty looking Couch.  I walked by as silently I could. The wooden floor was waxy causing me to trip and land….on the captain himself! “Why G’Morning, to you to Princess.” He said with a smirk. My face was red, knowing that my heart was on his, and our lips almost close to kiss. He help me get off of him, and my blush faded.
“Ya know I not gonna release you for that such “Loving” moment. Gonna have to work harder for a fool like myself. Darling.” “Me and YOU! Why I never! I would never love someone of LOW class.”
He stared at me for a minute, I sighed, “What?” He laughed; I hated it when the criminals laughed. “And I with such a spoiled heiress.” He said walking out the door. “How interesting.” Gwen said yawning.
“You heard the whole thing?” I gasped. “And saw it, I may add,” she answered finishing “You like him.” “Never in my life have I heard such a lie.” I snarled. “Whatever you want, but he’s right about the spoiled heiress…” She said yawning back to sleep. I lay back on the bed and started thinking back……..
My mother Queen Marcela was once kidnapped like this, I never saw her again. I always wonder where she is, if she is alive, or even if she cares about me. I was the heir to her throne, since my father died from an illness. I got in the covers and began to go off to sleep…

Island Quarters; 10:00 a.m

I was sleeping on the floor. After last night’s chat with my mates, it wasn’t so easy not to think about finding a lass to love. Of course I always reminded myself, lasses are like birds, they fly away whenever they want. I learned that from my uncle. My uncle was the only family member that understood me, he saved me from many of my parents demands. I left with him when I was fourth-teen, ever since I did my parents hated me. My uncle like myself kidnapped royalty.
He would always get a pretty little penny for them, but there was only one person he never traded. Her name was Marcela; she was the nicest lass I ever did see. She always made a delicious meal, and was an idealist; she understood me and my uncle. But as soon as the government found out we kidnapped a Queen, they sent their navy ships at once. We never stop sailing, always worrying expect Marcela she always said what happens, happens don’t get mad about it.
She was wrong, when our ship and the navy leadership collided, the captain on the navy ship shoot a bullet, at me, Marcela jumped in front of me. Sacrificing herself for my sake. My uncle then killed all the navy soldiers, then weep like a wench for hours. The next morning, we hit port Maria and he dropped me off. I stared at him in amazed, wondering why he was leaving me. I then saw bloodlust in his eyes, he wanted to avenge Marcela’s death, he wanted to kill me, but tried to protect me from himself. “Run you no good rotten scurvy, out!” Those were his final words, and he left me…to die.

Back at the Library
Duncan and Trent finished the last sentence of the chapter. “Whoa! Duncan. That’s a lot of deep stuff in there. Trent said looking at the clock. “We must’ve been reading the whole period, at least.” Duncan yawned. “Hey, Im going to find Gwen ,I’ll see you later Duncan.” Trent replied walking to the door. “Courtney...” Duncan Thought.

“You think the book still there?” Gwen asked warily. “I hope so Gwen, I really wanted see what happens next.” I replied curly. “There’s Trent,” Gwen said finishing, “I’ll see you later C. txt me when your going to read the next chapter.” Gwen walked away, with Trent holding her books. I let out a soft sigh and continued walking. “Duncan…Im sorry.” I thought. “Im never going to be able to see him again… at least not in reality…” When everything bad happened it had to get worst. There was Elise, Duncan former ex-girlfriend.
Part 3 :D
So sorry took so long! :airborne:
Plz! Plz! Plz! :blowkiss:
COMMENT! :crazy:
Duncan's exgirlfriend and Courtney face to face?
What will happen?
And Duncan still heartbroken :stab: :evillaugh:
Will They ever set each other straigh?
:dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:
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